Robert Deon

Robert Deon

Founder and CEO of BIGG SARGE ENT


Robert is one of our Actors and Producer's as well; as film producer he creates the conditions for film-making. He is the proud owner of our sister company BIGG SARGE ENT. He is a US Army Retired Senior Leader with 24 years of Honorable service and a War Veteran. He was born in Jackson, Tennessee and raised in Henderson Simple City, Tennessee. His father is a Minister and mother an Account Executive for ABC News. Robert has a dynamic screen presence that makes him a believable character in any role he plays. Acting is his passion and he is driven to deliver the best performance any time that he is given an opportunity to showcase his abilities. He is a dedicated student of the arts and firmly believes that there are always goals to achieve and higher levels of growth and knowledge to learn from. He loves the industry and one of his favorite aspects of acting is the ability to bring a character to life. Robert has experienced the art of film production from conception to the finished onscreen product. He accredits his strong work ethic and driven mentality to his strong upbringing and Honorable military service. Under the study of the Andi Matheny Acting school in Tampa, Florida, he continues to grow and improve his craft. Robert and BIGG SARGE ENT have become a key part of all our productions.

(BIGG SARGE ENT is a sister company of Lima Films)

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These are just some of the positions he has taken within our team to help in the success of each of our films.


Stunt Performer



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