Rescue Me

Released 2015

When Robyn the daughter of Special Agent in Charge Alex Campbell of the FBI is kidnapped along with her best friend Chloe Hart, Alex is forced to take a close look at those around him to help determine who he can trust and who he can't if he hopes to bring his daughter home alive.

As each hour goes by the mad man who take these girls become more unstable and not following the typical patterns kidnappers usually do, making it harder for Alex and his team to plan their next move.

With the help of Matt and Kyle his two most trusted associates; Alex will do whatever it takes to get his daughter home even if it means having to bend the law to favor his decisions.

Will the FBI bring these two girls home safe or is certain death now a part of their future?

Rescue Me is an Action-Drama-Thriller.

Rescue Me was filmed entirely in the Treasure Coast area of Florida in the summer of 2013 with a scheduled release date for the spring of 2015.

We had one of the most professional cast and crew members who endured long days and hours of filming, they worked thru a very hot Florida summer and at times heavy Florida rain.

Everyone at Lima Films is very appreciative of all everyone did for this film. We continue to seek distribution for this movie in hopes of being able to share the true talented everyone in this film brought to it.