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Lawless Law

After serving several years in prison for a crime he did commit Wayne finds himself wondering where his life will go next, what he must do to keep himself from going back to prison, while also trying to regain custody of his daughter living under child services protection since he wants a chance to be a good father knowing she is all he has left in his life and his shot at redemption for what he has done in the pass.

With little to no chance of getting his daughter back, Wayne turns to Mike the police officer who sent him to preview years before for help, with the understanding the he must once again break the law by joining Dragon’s crew while assisting and providing information to Mike.

By working with Mike, Wayne finds himself getting closer and closer to being reunited with his daughter, but will he be able to keep himself from turning on Mike, or will Dragon discover that he is an informant inside his crew. Wayne knows that if he has a shot at getting his daughter back he will have to decide if he will be
“Lawless Law”