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Founder of Film Universe Entertainment

Kira plays a viral role within the Lima Films team as our main key member within each production.

These are just some of the positions he has taken within our team to help in the success of each of our films.

First Assistant Director

Production Designer

Award Winning Producer


Kira Howe

Kira is a filmmaker that has obtain several film crew skills over the years in her career below are some of the key roles she has taken on within Lima Films in order to ensure our success and growth.

Producer  - As a film producer she creates the conditions for film-making. Kira, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as fund raising, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors. As our producer she is involved throughout all phases of the film making process from development to completion of a project.

First assistant director - The first assistant director (1st AD) she assists the production manager and director. She ultimate ensures the film comes in on schedule while maintaining a working environment in which the director, principal artists (actors) and crew can be focused on their work. She oversees day-to-day management of the cast and crew scheduling, equipment, script, and set.

Casting Director -As one of our casting director Kira chooses the actors for the characters of the film. This usually involves inviting potential actors to read an excerpt from the script for an audition.

These are just some of the key roles she has within our film family.

To view Kira's Resume please visit her IMDB Page

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