KC plays a very important role within the Lima Films team both as an Actor and Crew Member.

These are just some of the positions he has taken within our team to help in the success of each of our films.


Stunt/Fight Coordinator

Stunt/Fight Performer

KC Coy

KC Coy (Casey Russell Coy) was born and raised in Bethel Acres, Oklahoma. Growing up he was involved in many sports and athletic activities.

His performance life started when one of his best friends convinced him to audition for the high school musical.

He was cast and his life was never the same. He continued sports through college. He gained a BFA of Acting from the University of Oklahoma. He was also accepted into the School of Dance.

While in college, he was cast in his first stunt role at Frontier City theme park.

Since graduation, he has lived and performed in Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando.

He now continues his acting and stunt career. He also dancers, writes, composes, sings, and plays instruments.

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