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Gerard Lima

Founder and CEO of Lima Films

When I first founded Lima Films I really did not know how to answer when someone asked me to describe my role and responsibilities as President & CEO of Lima Films. I am the director, executive producer, writer and the relationship builder, but first and foremost I'm the leader of a company that is in its early stages of development which has a lot of potential to grow in the years to come.

There are other aspects to being the President and CEO's that include working closely with people, and developing relationships. The management of these relationships falls not only on me but on all of those who represent Lima Films and it’s something I care a lot about because strong relationships can lead to success not only for us but for those we work with.

 As the executive producer I am responsible for all the key relationships during the production of all Lima Film projects or affiliated projects. As the executive producer I hire the producer, director and writer, I have developed a relationship with extremely skilled Cinematographers, Audio Engineers, Producers and Actors.

Nevertheless, as the President & CEO as well as the Executive producer I am called in for situations and incidents others deem as unpleasant, such as negotiating, or renegotiating, or simply saying what needs to be said in order to complete the task in hand. Dealing with misunderstandings about funding are common in our business as well as dealing with actors, directors and other member of a production who at times become an issue or distraction on set.

I also have worked hard to perfect my craft as a writer and producer, and I have now began to learn the art of video & film Directing and Acting. I strive to be able to provide the best possible service and quality in every single project I am lucky to be a part of.

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